Lest We Forget

Name: Edgar J. Pruitt War: World War II

Rank: Staff Sergeant Serial number: 6958629 Branch: U. S. Army

Unit: 136th Infantry

Battle or circumstance: Liberation of the Philippine Islands near Bue Bue Mountain; Luzon, Philippine Islands

Decorations: Purple Heart and several other military awards

Date born: February 29, 1920

Place born: Fal, LA

Date died: March 20, 1945

How died: Killed in action

Place died: Luzon, Philippine Islands

Place buried: Newlin Cemetery, Singer, LA

Home place: Route 2, Box 363, DeRidder, LA

School(s): Singer High School

Affiliations: Protestant

Interests: Music: he played guitar and sang with a band

Spouse: None

Children: None

Parents: Ed and Mattie Pruitt

Siblings: Leonard C. Pruitt, Harry B. Pruitt, Merlin J. Pruitt, P. Murphy Pruitt, Violet P. Hollingsworth.

Comments: Edgar and Leonard were at Schofield Barracks when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Harry and their brother-in-law, Wm. Earl Hollingsworth, were also in the war. Merlin and Murphy served later when they became of age.

Data provided by: His sister: Violet P. Hollingsworth, 1211 Maybelle Drive, DeRidder

Other sources: A letter from Henry L. Stinson, other official letters and documents

Date printed: October 24, 2002